Jason with kids in the slums
Street kids living in a pipe
Jason visiting the slums
Kids playing near the sewer
Kids getting clean water at school
Street kid sleeping
At the school of Hope
Kids looking for food
Book by Jeannie E.
Kids on their way to school
Jason teaching class
In the slums
Getting a Bible
Hungry children
Holding a child of Hope
A hungry child
Hungry Children
With an orphan child

Right now JACOB'S WELL PROJECT is working in the heart of slums of Kaptembwa, Nakuru, Kenya, with local pastors, churches and school. From helping improves lives of those living in extreme poverty, to working to educate new pastors to door-to-door ministry. Feeding, clothing, and educating those in desperate need, these pastors give their daily lives to serving the poor.  


Kenya is an amazing country, where no matter how hard of a life someone may be going through, they smile, and welcome you into their home, offering you what little they may have. The warmth of Jesus is found widely across the country.  


Our pastors spend much of their own money working to educate and help children. The food, clothing, and needs of those they help often come from their own pockets. But, their love for Jesus pushes them forward to serve the poorest of the poor. 


Meet an orphan